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Can You Catch Herpes from a Hot Tub?

October 20th, 2012 | Posted by admin in Herpes Symptoms

Can you catch herpes from a hot tub? If you have an active party life or frequently go on vacation with others, you might have this question. At a hotel or resort, you can come into brief contact with hundreds of strangers, so it’s important that you resolve any concerns you might have and learn the answer: “Can you catch herpes from a hot tub?” To summarize, herpes is almost always transmitted through site-to-skin contact — that means that the site of infection, such as a sore or blister, has to come into direct contact with your skin. Let’s explore further.

You Can Almost Never Get Genital Herpes from a Hot Tub

According to WebMD, “it’s very rare, if not impossible” to get genital herpes from a hot tub. Genital herpes is one of the two herpes simplex viruses, both of which cause the disease known as herpes. HSV-2 is the variety of herpes simplex virus responsible for sores and lesions that appear on the genitals. Unless intentional sexual contact actually took place in the hot tub, it is virtually unheard of to get herpes in such a device. You cannot get it through contact with the fixtures or surroundings in the tub.

Likewise, You Can Almost Never Get Oral Herpes from a Hot Tub

Oral herpes is a conditional generally caused by HSV-1, another variety of the herpes simplex virus. It is possible to be infected with either or both of these viruses and to experience symptoms of each one at different times. On Herpes.org, this question is addressed as one of the Top Ten Herpes Questions. In effect, it is nearly impossible to become infected by this strain of the virus by using shared fixtures and spaces, even bathing spaces. The risk is generally agreed to be no higher than the risk of HSV-2.

In Short: Experts Agree That Getting Herpes from a Hot Tub is Nearly Impossible

Authorities on the herpes virus generally agree that it is difficult, if not impossible, to get either strain of the herpes simplex virus simply by the shared use of a pool or hot tub. That said, there are a number of other diseases that you can potentially contract through indirect contact with the water as a medium. You should still be careful of the possibility of contracting various fungal and intestinal diseases.

Why Might People Seem to “Suddenly” Have Herpes After a Vacation?

As the information at WebMD reveals, it is possible to get genital herpes and not discover that you have the infection for many, many years. When the infection is initially discovered, a patient’s romantic partner might conclude that they contracted the disease recently through infidelity, or the patient might believe that a hot tub caused the infection. It is much more likely that you carried a latent infection for several years and discovered it only recently. Use of a hot tub, pool, or other recreational water feature is unlikely to lead to infection.

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